Below are some of the projects I've worked on. Feel free to browse around, and click into any of these projects for more details on what I contributed during each, what technologies I used to create them, and any other important notes. You can also find links to the GitHub Repos, any CodePens, or live sites.

Website for personal vlog

I built and deployed the first version of a website dedicated to my personal vlog channel called Neverland Travelers.

Neverland Travelers homepage, with a navigation menu, an image of a castle in Walt Disney World and several images of the Neverland Travelers

Financial Website Remake

Using Figma designs, I recreated a real website for an independent financial advisor.

Financial Group Remake homepage, with a navigation menu, call-to-action buttons, and an image of two men talking while sitting on a bench

Fire & Ice Landing Page

After browsing Dribbble, I developed this Icelandic travel landing page and added minor interactivity.

Fire & Ice landing page, with a navigation menu and Icelandic landscape images

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