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Marissa Huysentruyt

Hello there!

I'm a front-end developer. Well actually, web development is my second career. I was a music educator and band director for seven years before I made the switch. What started out as a hobby has blossomed into a career where I can put my problem‐solving skills to the test. Once I really started to get into development, I realized how passionate I became about creating accessible, yet friendly user interfaces. My inner teacher loves that development is always changing, because that means I get to keep learning, growing and challenging myself.


  • 2020-2022
    • Front-End Development Certifications
    • Udemy Ultimate Full Stack Developer Bootcamp
    • StackSkills Developer Certifications
    • Codecademy Web Development Certifications
  • 2015
    • Post-Bachelor Studies: Teaching Certification, Music Education
    • Wayne State University
    • Detroit, MI
  • 2012
    • Bachelor of Music in Performance
    • Wayne State University
    • Detroit, MI


    • January 2023 ‐ Present
    • Developer
    • Sparkbox
    • Bellbrook, OH
      • Learning cohorts, Accessibility Guild, Foundry articles (Contrast), Lightning Talk presentation (React Design Patterns), internal demos (Figma recreations), internal tooling, client demos
      • Projects: NCSBN Global Regulatory Atlas, Propulsion Design System Builder, Redesign, Crown Design System Documentation, (migrate static to dynamic pages, testing, Github actions, documentation)
      • Technologies: HTML, CSS, SCSS, React, JavaScript, Docker, Git, GitHub, Jest, Cypress, Backstop, Vitest, Angular, Vue.js, Jira, Azure DevOps, Handlebars, Bootstrap, Netlify, Figma, Nunjucks, TypeScript, Next.js
    • July 2022 ‐ December 2022
    • Apprentice Full-Stack Developer
    • Sparkbox
    • Bellbrook, OH
      • Weekly 1:1's with mentor and technical directors, pairing sessions with Production team, monthly reviews, curriculum discussions
      • Philosophies: functional programming, object composition, test-driven development, responsive design, WCAG 2.1, ITCSS
      • Projects: Sparkhero, Accessible Components, Pokemon Clash!
      • Technologies: HTML, CSS, Git, CLI, Jira, GitHub, SCSS, React, JavaScript, MySQL Workbench, Next.js, Jest, Docker, Cypress
    • August 2015 ‐ 2022
    • Elementary Band Director
    • Fraser Public Schools
    • Fraser, MI
      • 3 courses taught: "Introduction to Instrumental Music," "Beginning Band 5," "Beginning Band 6"
      • Plan and implement developmentally‐appropriate music lessons for grades 5 and 6, 3 concerts per academic year
      • Marching Band Assistant
      • "Floating" drill instructor and small ensemble teacher for grades 9‐12


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