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This financial website is a remake of a live site, without any of the branding and copyrighted photos. I had access to the actual design files, so I used the design styles set up by the designer in order to develop the site. It's as close as possible to having a real-world project, incorporating a homepage, multiple interior pages, and pre-determined mobile breakdowns.

Financial Website Homepage - Desktop


The site is an actual design for a real financial advisor, and I was given permission to use the designs as a practice tool. It was extremely gratifying to figure out how to utilize and navigate Figma design files and styles, building everything from the ground up. Besides developing each page, I made a scheduling form, modal windows, and made sure every page broke down to mobile. Before considering this site complete, I need to add proper functionality to the mobile menu and add 3 other landing pages.

Languages & Tech

HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript
Financial Website Remake - Mobile

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